The Chicago Bears must move on from these six players in 2021

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Chicago Bears, Mitch Trubisky
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Mitch Trubisky Ι QB

As hard as it was to list Roy Robertson-Harris on this list, saying goodbye to Mitch Trubisky will be a harder pill for me, and I suspect many others, to swallow. I mentioned there is one player who has the ability to change the minds of those in power when it comes to bringing him back.

If Trubisky continues to play well over the final three weeks and the Chicago Bears somehow make the playoffs, Trubisky could wind up back here in Chicago. That is if Trubisky wants to even be here anymore. Hearing him in his press conference recently, I am no so sure he wants to be here.

The Chicago Bears would not be able to count on Trubisky as the future either. He’d most likely be brought in as the backup, or at least given the starting spot, to begin with, while a rookie pushes to take over. Honestly, I do not see a scenario playing out this way. I would expect Nick Foles to be back as the backup quarterback in 2021 before Mitch Trubisky.

Even though Trubisky has looked good the last couple of weeks and has thrown seven touchdowns to only two interceptions, this relationship has run its course.

Someone on ESPN Chicago radio spoke about how Trubisky is that girlfriend or boyfriend you just cannot quit. When you go to break up with him or her, they do something to surprise you and pull you back in. Trubisky is that guy because he is a good kid who clearly wants to play well and win. Unfortunately, that will just have to happen for another team (and I think he does play better for someone else).