Should the Chicago Bears make this trade for Trevor Lawrence?

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Chicago Bears, Deshaun Watson
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Right now everyone is talking about how the Chicago Bears should do everything to trade for Deshaun Watson. Watson is only 25 and has proven he is one of the best, young quarterbacks in the NFL. I am all for trading away future assets and even a top defensive player if it means securing a position the Chicago Bears have not been able to get right for what seems like an eternity.

Reports are that it will likely take three first-round picks to secure Watson, but there is more at play here since Watson has a no-trade clause in his contract. He will have to waive that clause and essentially has a say on any team he will accept to be traded to if the Texans indeed go through with a trade. I am on record saying that I am okay with trading three firsts for Watson. I’d even give up four if I am being honest.

I know, I know, but what about the offensive line? Well, this draft is deep enough that the Chicago Bears can draft a very good offensive tackle prospect in the second round.  Giving up four first-round picks seems like a lot, but this Bears roster is built to win now outside of the wide receiver position as Allen Robinson is likely out the door and Anthony Miller has not grown into the receiver we all hoped he’d become.