Risky trades the Chicago Bears can make to land Deshaun Watson

Chicago Bears (Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, Deshaun Watson
Chicago Bears (Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears are in desperate need of a new quarterback. The dream option is Deshaun Watson, and despite others thinking he may be out of reach, Ryan Pace must do whatever is possible — desperation. This is because Nick Foles is not the answer, Mitch Trubisky is out the door and well, they literally have no one else. With the team sitting at 20th overall, the Chicago Bears also have limited options in the 2021 NFL Draft.

Literally, every time a quarterback is mentioned to be possibly available, Chicago Bears fans are jumping at the bit to trade for him. First, it was Deshaun Watson, although he is one every team should dream about landing. However, that’s not the case with every other quarterback potentially on the trade block.

The Chicago Bears have been mentioned as interested in Sam Darnold, Jimmy Garoppolo, Derek Carr and most recently Carson Wentz. It appears the Wentz trade is not as close as many originally thought. This is not a bad thing as the Bears should still be pursuing Deshaun Watson.

Beyond these players, Bears fans have also brought up Kirk Cousins and now Russell Wilson as possible trade targets.. Out of this group, Wentz is probably the only one who is truly a possibility. Russell Wilson might be frustrated with things in Seattle, but I doubt the Seahawks let him get away. His situation is not the same as Deshaun Watson’s.

Right now, the Texans are not ready to move on from Watson. However, they might not have a choice. Watson seems adamant about moving on and ready to force the Texans’ hand. I do not fully expect Russell Wilson to handle things the same way. Bears fans should not even fathom the thought of Wilson coming to Chicago because it is not happening.

Some might say that the chances of the Chicago Bears landing Deshaun Watson is also out of the question. Honestly, as it stands, I would completely agree. Teams like the Jets and Dolphins have the upper hand should they decide to also pursue Watson. Both teams have young quarterbacks and two first-round picks in the 2021 NFL Draft. Even more importantly, both own picks in the top-five of the draft, while the Bears sit at 20th overall.

This is why the team must get creative by making some risky trades to help even the playing field.