Chicago Bears Draft: A recent hire could lead to one of these quarterbacks

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Chicago Bears quarterback connection

The only SMU player I could see a Chicago Bears and Tom Herman connection with is Shane Buechele. I mentioned Buechele earlier last year during the football season (more on Buechele). Shane and his former teammate Sam Elhinger were starting quarterbacks at the University of Texas.

Two very different styled quarterbacks and both high-level college quarterbacks. Buechele lost his starting job after being injured, and Elhinger being talented. Sometimes it is hard for a coach to pull a quarterback who is talented and playing well. Since Elhinger was slated to remain the starter, Buechele graduated and transferred.

Buechele broke school records for passing yards in a season, passing touchdowns in a season, passing touchdowns in a game, consecutive games of multiple passing touchdowns, and most passing yards for their first starting game.

Buechele is highly decorated with college awards and Texas (the state) high school awards. What I see when I watch Buechele’s film is a smaller version of Patrick Mahomes. Don’t run away. I am not calling him Mahomes. Buechele has that same play style. He is very aggressive when it comes to attacking downfield. He will escape the pocket and make the throw across the field where you shout ” no no no,” yet the pass is completed for a 30 yard gain.

What he lacks at times is the ability to turn it off as Mahomes did in college. He does not have the fastball Mahomes does, so at times his aggression will get him into trouble. Many might think, well, why him then if he is going to turn the ball over?

That is the beauty of Buechele. He doesn’t turn the ball over often. Using SMU’s stats alone, Buechele passed for 7,024 yards, 57 touchdowns and 16 interceptions while completing 63.8% of his passes in two seasons. 11.2% of his passes with SMU were dropped, according to Pro Football Focus. That is insane. Buchele could have completed 70% of his passes with SMU if he had some better wide receivers.