Chicago Bears: 2 ways Allen Robinson could help in Russell Wilson trade

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The Chicago Bears can trade for Sam Darnold, and then trade for Russell Wilson

It has been rumored that one hang-up with a Chicago Bears for Russell Wilson trade could be that the Chicago Bears do not have a quarterback to send back to the Seahawks. With the 20th pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, the Chicago Bears do not have a high enough pick to land a top quarterback in this draft. Honestly, if they did they probably wouldn’t be considering trading for Russell Wilson anyway.

The Chicago Bears should be talking to the New York Jets to see what it would cost to land Sam Darnold in a trade. Not to keep Darnold, but to then use him in a trade package to Seattle for Russell Wilson. I would not be surprised if the Chicago Bears could convince the New York Jets to take Allen Robinson plus a future third or second-round pick for Sam Darnold in return. I would prefer a third-rounder but I’d be willing to give up a second if it meant landing Russell Wilson.

Pete Carroll had plenty of great things to say about Darnold just as recently as last December —yes, even after all of Darnold’s struggles over the last couple of years. If the Chicago Bears can send a future draft pick to the Jets with Allen Robinson and receive Sam Darnold in return, then Ryan Pace can then turn around and send Sam Darnold with either two or three first-round picks to the Seahawks for Russell Wilson.

I am leaving this little blurb here for those wanting to say this is not Madden and you have a salary cap to deal with. Stop it. The salary cap is easily manipulated and you are just falling for the falsehood of the cap that exists. Teams always find a way to make room with the salary cap. Just look at the Saints who started the offseason $100-plus million over the cap. The team can easily find $30-$60 million in cap space depending on the moves they make with restructures and cuts.

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This franchise deserves a top-tier quarterback. Russell Wilson gives them this and the team must make it happen no matter how. This includes moving on from Allen Robinson. Nothing personal towards Robinson, but Russell Wilson gets this team closer to a Super Bowl than Robinson does. The team can still sign a top free agent wide receiver as previously mentioned to replace Robinson’s 1,000 yards and six touchdowns each year.