2021 Chicago Bears roster rank: 50-46

Chicago Bears (Photo by Meg Oliphant/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Meg Oliphant/Getty Images) /

As we count down the Chicago Bears roster in anticipation for training camp we have climbed all the way into the top 50. These are the players that we should expect to hear from during the 2021 season.

Keep in mind this list is looking solely at the value these players bring to the 2021 Chicago Bears and how impactful their performance could be.

90. Brian Johnson

89. Rojesterman Farris

88. Khalil McClain

87. Caleb Johnson

86. Sam Kamara

85. Daniel Arcibong

84. Scooter Harrington

83. Chris Lacy

82. Dionte Ruffin

81. Rodney Adams

80. Tyrone Wheatley

79. Thomas Ives

78. CJ Marable

77. Jester Weah

76. Jake Butt

75. Teez Tabor

74. LeCale London

73. Daureuan Parker

72. Michael Joseph

71. LeDarius Mack

70. Adam Redmond

69. Tre Roberson

68. Xavier Crawford

67. Badara Traore

66. Artavis Pierce

65. Ryan Nall

64. Riley Ridley

63. Patrick Scales

62. Joel Iyiegbuniwe

61. Charles Snowden

60. Dieter Eiselen

59. Artie Burns

58. Lachavious Simmons

57. Jesper Horsted

56. Arlington Hambright

55. Dazz Newsome

54. Marqui Christian

53. Josh Woods

52. Jordan Lucas

51. James Vaughters

50. DeAndre Houston-Carson, S

Last season: 50

DeAndre Houston-Carson has lived in this ranged since he has been with the Chicago Bears and we have been doing this list. He started at 56 the first year we did it, moved up to 48, and now has two straight years sitting right at number 50.

The reality is that he is who he is and will not move far off this from a value standpoint. He brings value on special teams to be kept as depth, but you do not want to see him on defense on Sundays.

49. Austin Calitro, LB

This one may surprise some and may be a name that fans are just hearing of now. However, when you look into the signing of Austin Calitro, there is a good chance he can make this roster. To start, he not only has special teams experience, but he also has nine starts in three seasons. Granted he is on his fourth team in as many years, jumping from the Seahawks to the Jaguars and to the Broncos. Still, he has made the team every year, and last year worked with Vic Fangio.

Now, Sean Desai may want to use him. At the very least, he is an upgrade over Joel Iyiegbuniwe, and Josh Woods, two players who made the roster last year, but are lower on the list this year because of Calitro.

48. Khiyris Tonga, NT

The first drafted player to crack our list comes in at number 48. To be fair, if the signing of Mike Pennel does not say anything about Eddie Goldman, then it says that Tonga may spend a year on the practice squad. Still, coming from BYU he is an older prospect and should be ready to get on a field, in his minimal role as a backup nose tackle. His biggest value in 2021 may come on kick blocks anyways.

47. Javon Wims
Last Season: 37

Last season the Chicago Bears had higher expectations for Wims. After last year he still is ahead of Riley Ridley, but very much is sitting on the roster fringe. His ability to block sparked the run game last season and that value is worth mentioning. It is also worthing mentioning three new names from free agency and the draft in the WR room. Wims is very much on the fringe of making the roster, but if he does it is on the basis that a role is installed for him.

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46. Nick Foles

Last Season: 16 

Last season when we put Foles at 16 we noted that he was not going to see 16 starts, but neither was Mitch Trubisky, hence such high value. Foles is extremely hard to rank this year because he went from someone expected to save Mitch Trubisky in relief to someone they do not plan to play at all. He is clearly behind Andy Dalton and Justin Fields now and is so far in the background we cannot see him. His value overall to the QB room means something, so he gets up to number 46, but he was tough to rank.