Chicago Bears 2021 Record Prediction

Chicago Bears (Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images) /

As I enter year five writing about the Chicago Bears for BearsGogglesOn, I will now submit my record prediction for the fifth straight year. We have had a pretty good run of at least understanding the direction of the team with these prognostications. Here is a link to last year, and a list of my recent predictions.

2017 Prediction: 6-10

Actual: 5-11

2018 Prediction: 9-7

Actual: 12-4

2019 Prediction: 9-7

Actual: 8-8

2020 Prediction: 8-8

Actual: 8-8

We nailed last season, but have had a good trend overall on where the team would be heading. With that in mind, what is in store for 2021?

Week 1 at Rams

Bears fans have been chalking this up as a loss, so we know that that tells you. My bold call is that Andy Dalton will start week two despite fans’ cries otherwise.

Week 2 vs Bengals

Andy Dalton already beat the Bengals last season but that team did not have Joe Burrow. Dalton plays well, but we start to learn that the Bears cornerbacks are not ready for big-name wide receivers. A big stat line saves Dalton another week, but the Bears are 0-2, and the calls are getting loud.

Week 3 at Browns

Myles Garrett lines up against Peters and runs right by him. They put a tight end to help Peters and Garrett simply move to the other side where he shoves Germain Ifedi into Andy Dalton. Dalton turns the ball over three times and staring at 0-3, Matt Nagy pulls the plug. Justin Fields plays well in the fourth quarter of a blowout loss.

Week 4 vs Lions

The Bears are down at the half in Justin Fields’ first start featuring two 0-3 clubs. However, Fields starts to put the game in his hands and carries Chicago to his first win. The Bears move to 1-3 and fans cry that they could be 3-1 had Fields been in the whole time.

Week 5 at Raiders

Khalil Mack somehow falls to 0-2 against his old club. Fields turn the ball over too often in a shoot-out, and while his fantasy numbers looked good, Derek Carr protected the ball and put up 35 points to beat Fields and the Bears who head to 1-4.

Week 6 vs Packers

The legend of Justin Fields begins. Aaron Rodgers puts up 28 in the first half, but the Bears defense buckles down and Fields start to tear up the Packers’ secondary. A late-second scramble to the corner of the end zone gives him a win over his rival for the first time. The Bears move to 2-4.

Week 7 at Bucs

Tom Brady has a better defense than Aaron Rodgers and is more methodical than Rodgers. He gets up early in Chicago and does not give up a lead. You know Brady had this game circled and Fields struggles against the best defense he has seen. Bears fall to 2-5.

Week 8 vs 49ers

The 49ers got off to much of a hotter start and therefore we do not get Trey Lance vs. Justin Fields. Instead, the 49ers realize that it is time to move on to Trey Lance when Justin Fields turns the game into a shoot-out, and Jimmy Garopolo cannot hang. The Bears pull off a huge home upset and move to 3-5.

Week 9 at Pittsburgh

The Steelers at home on primetime is not easy. TJ Watt and company come swarming, and a defense that has held down Lamar Jackson keeps Justin Fields contained in the pocket. Rookie growing pains emerge in a game that is over at halftime. The Bears fall to 3-6.

Week 11 vs Baltimore

Lamar Jackson and the coaching of John Harbaugh prove to be just too much. The Ravens have a great defense, and facing Pittsburgh and Baltimore back to back is a hard task for any player, let alone a rookie. Baltimore punches Chicago in the mouth and the team moves to 3-7.

Week 12 at Lions

Fields struggled a bit against Detroit the first time. In a dome, facing a team for the second time in a season, Fields explodes. You really start to see the high ceiling and Chicago is the team up multiple scores at halftime for once. They move to 4-7.

Week 13 vs Cardinals

Fields ride the high of Detroit into his first win streak as a starter in the NFL. Kyler Murray and Fields trade blows in a game that fans call the fantasy game of the season. Justin Fields would not be denied though, and after the Cardinals turn it over twice in the fourth quarter, Fields puts up 14 unanswered to win the game, and the Bears move to 5-7.

Week 14 at Packers

Aaron Rodgers is not going to let a rookie beat him twice in one year. The Packers defense is playing a bit better, and the Bears just won two straight, almost set up for a letdown against a playoff team. The loss pushes Chicago to 5-8.

Week 15 vs Vikings

Mike Zimmer is a great defensive coach and usually has his defense playing better towards the end of the season. You add that Fields being a rookie with ups and downs and you have a struggle where the Vikings WRs dominate a weak Bears corner group. The loss pushes Chicago to 5-9.

Week 16 at Seahawks

Russell Wilson once again exposes this secondary. Justin Fields has a great stat line, but most of it came in the fourth quarter of a Bears loss that pushes them to 5-10.

Week 17 vs Giants

Daniels Jones is banged up and the Giants are falling apart at the seams. It looks like Chicago is clearly the team heading in the better direction, and Justin Fields thanks the team that traded away from him. The Bears push it to 6-10.

Next. Bears lose big player before week 1. dark

Week 18 at Vikings

The Vikings are playing for the playoffs, and Chicago is wrapping up a hard year. Fields had his highs, but overall, they get swept by Minnesota and fall to 6-11.

Final Record Prediction: 6-11