Chicago Bears: 4 Replacement head coaches for Matt Nagy in 2022

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Chicago Bears Coaching Candidate: Kellen Moore, OC – Dallas Cowboys

Maybe one of the hottest names being thrown out there is a young Kellen Moore. When you look at Moore, it’s hard to imagine him as a head coach. He looks like he just graduated from high school. At only 32 years old, he is working wonders with Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys though.

As someone who watched Mike McCarthy up north with the Packers, I give plenty of credit to Moore and very little credit to McCarthy for any offensive success the Cowboys have while he is coaching.

Not sure if you remember him or not, but Kellen Moore was literally a quarterback in the NFL. It was short-lived and he hardly played, but Moore spent one season with the Detroit Lions in 2012 and then his final season was with the Cowboys in 2015. Moore started two games that season, finished with an 0-2 record and did not complete even 60% of his pass attempts. Yikes, I know.

Sometimes they say, those who cannot do — teach. Well, maybe that is what we are witnessing here with Kellen Moore. I’d love for nothing more than to have a fresh mind here in Chicago, but Moore might be a little too risky. He is like one of those body kits you put on cars. Sure, it looks young, fast and sleek, but as soon as you bump it the whole thing cracks. Moore could prove he is worth it though and makes my list. He’s just easily the riskiest one in my opinion.