Do Chicago Bears need to draft a safety?

Chicago Bears (Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears have just six picks in the 2022 NFL Draft. While the team will certainly be trying to trade down at some point with all of the needs on their roster, they also could be facing tough decisions about resource allocation.

There are some positions that the team just cannot pass upon. Some positions also should probably get the treatment of high-level investment, such as taking two wideouts, or two offensive linemen.

Still, if they do double up on certain positions it certainly means leaving draft weekend without all positions filled.

One spot that some fans may consider a hole is safety. Still, if the team has to fill other needs, and that means letting safety go, it should be the move.

To start, whether you like it or not, the money invested in Eddie Jackson speaks to the reality of what they need from him.

They cannot have their biggest investments on the roster be safety. Considering they are paying up for Jackson, they should try to scrape together his partner, so the overall cost to acquire the room is not absurd.

With that in mind, the Chicago Bears essentially already did that. DeAndre Houston-Carson was very underrated last season in his limited work. He signed a team-friendly deal with the Bears, perhaps with a thought that he could start, or play in dime snaps.

Dane Cruikshank also signed a cheap deal. He also has worked in dime, and the realization is that the Bears have two dime players who are going to compete for the strong safety spot. The loser will fall back to the dime role.

The Bears need the fourth safety, and if they trade down and pick up a few extra picks, they should draft one. Still, if it is DHC and Cruikshank competing to start across from Jackson, they really just need a backup to Jackson, and that should not cost them anything more than a seventh-round pick or a UDFA. That also may be a free agent signing after the draft.

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The Chicago Bears’ holes outweigh the capital right now and it will put them in a position where they may have to pick a spot or two to be weak at. This may leave the team in a spot where they see safety and pass on it in the 2022 NFL Draft.