These four make up the ultimate Chicago Bears Mount Rushmore

Chicago Bears (Photo by George Gelatly/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by George Gelatly/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, George Halas
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George “Papa Bear” Halas has to be on any Chicago Bears Mount Rushmore

If anyone decides that George “Papa Bear” Halas does not exist on this fictitious mountain, I am completely dumbfounded on why you would not include him. Honestly, Halas should be on the NFL version of Mount Rushmore and not just the Chicago Bears version. If not for Halas, there might not be an NFL today.

What might be even more amazing is how he owned, coached, and played for the Bears at some point throughout his lifetime. Halas owned the Chicago Bears for over 60 years and coached the team for 40 of them. Not many people can say the same when it comes to other NFL franchises throughout the NFL. Not to mention, Halas played during the first 10 years of the team’s existence.

To exclude the guy who helped create the Chicago Bears and the NFL, who was the head coach while also a player, and then who was a coach while also an owner makes no sense to me. As I said if it were not for George Halas, who knows what this franchise looks like today. Halas is among the winningest coaches in the NFL with 324 victories. Putting anyone else in over Halas just doesn’t make any sense to me.