2 realistic scenarios the Bears fans should be happy about the 9th pick

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Scenario No.1: If Rome Odunze is still available at 9, he will be a Bear.

This is probably the least surprising prediction given so many mock drafts had him going to the Bears throughout this off-season.

And it seems like both Williams and Odunze have developed a strong relationship.

The Bears' luck began last off-season when they traded the 2023 No.1 overall pick to Carolina. The haul has turned into right tackle Darnell Wright, cornerback Tyrique Stevenson, wide receiver DJ Moore, their first-round pick in 2024, and second-round pick in 2025. And, thanks to Carolina's disastrous 2023 season, their first-round pick became a No.1 overall pick.

This off-season, they have added running back D'Andre Swift, tight end Gerald Everett, and wide receiver Keenan Allen to give Caleb Williams the weapons he needs in his rookie season. But keep in mind Allen is 32 and has had a history of injuries. Also, his contract expires after this season.

There will never be another opportunity for the Bears to have two picks in the top 10.