10 burning questions Chicago Bears must answer in week one

There are questions at every position when the Chicago Bears kick off their season against the Green Bay Packers

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9. What kind of role does D'onta Foreman have with the Chicago Bears?

The preseason usage of D'onta Foreman was suggesting that he was falling out of favor. Some media reports had him as a sleeper to get cut, but he made the roster and is still the backup over Roschon Johnson. So, it at least brings up the question of what his role will be.

The vibes all preseason are that Khalil Herbert will steal the show and handle most of the work. Still, he lacks the inside power and vision and has struggled in the passing game over the years. This has led to him never owning the backfield. Are the Chicago Bears really going to throw Herbert out for the entire game as a bellcow for the first time in week one? Probably not.

This game actually sets up well for Foreman as well. The Packers have a poor run defense, and the mobility of Justin Fields can spread the defense wide. An inside runner who can take what is given can rip them up. Herbert will have his success, but he is best against teams that cannot protect the edge, and he can hit runs to the outside. With this being such a weakness and such a need for Foreman, is he a sneaky fantasy football player? Do we learn this split is tighter than the preseason suggested?