9 most likely trade partners for Chicago Bears to send Justin Fields

DraftKings released the odds for which team Justin Fields will play for next season, and the Chicago Bears are first. Which other teams are in the running?

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Chicago Bears trade partner No. 3: Seattle Seahawks (+750 odds)

We're creeping into the area where each team remaining makes sense for the Chicago Bears to trade Justin Fields to them.

The Seattle Seahawks make sense for the main reason they're a playoff team without a quarterback. The offensive side of the ball in Seattle is a powerful group, and with the addition of a dual-threat quarterback like Justin Fields, it could be what they need to make their next step.

Geno Smith wasn't necessarily the league's best quarterback, but on that Seahawks roster, he made a loud noise. The noise went down a bit in 2023, but there was still serious offensive firepower on that team outside of quarterback.

Plus, Fields would look pretty sweet in those Seattle Seahawks uniforms.

Chicago Bears trade partner No. 2: Las Vegas Raiders (+450 odds)

Now, actually, this team doesn't make as much sense, especially after their hiring of Luke Getsy.

Justin Fields and Luke Getsy probably don't want to work together again, as they were both clearly made for someone else. Fields is meant to be used in an offense that moves the pocket and utilizes quarterback rushes. Getsy, on the other hand, comes from working with Aaron Rodgers. For ease of comparison, Justin Fields and Aaron Rodgers aren't the same quarterback in any way.

Now, the Raiders do have an interesting offense outside of the quarterback position. I'd still consider Seattle more win-now than Vegas, thus making a trade more likely for Seattle than Vegas.

All-in-all, I'd be utterly shocked to see Fields get dealt to the Raiders. Before Getsy's hiring, maybe it would make more sense, but now with Getsy as the offensive coordinator for the Raiders, I wouldn't count on this deal happening.

Chicago Bears trade partner No. 1: Atlanta Falcons (+140 odds)

Now, the Atlanta Falcons have been my favorite landing spot for Justin Fields since the very first rumor of Fields being traded made its way to my eyeballs.

Imagining an offense with Bijan Robinson, Drake London, Kyle Pitts, and Justin Fields would be wildly entertaining. The Falcons aren't necessarily the best team in the NFL, but with how lackluster the NFC South performed last season, nothing is saying an average team couldn't win that division next season.


There are obviously strides higher than average, but the sentiment behind that is they could find success while still in the "building" phase of their team. The NFC South isn't as competitive as, say, the NFC North or the AFC North, so winning while still building up the roster is totally doable.

If the Chicago Bears trade Justin Fields, the Atlanta Falcons are my top trade destination. It seems as though it's the best position for a quarterback like Justin Fields to thrive in. The weapons are everywhere, and they complement the way Justin Fields plays quarterback.