Why Chicago Bears should not expect Las Vegas Raiders to trade for Justin Fields

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As we get further and further away from the end of the regular season, there is even more discussion than ever before about the Chicago Bears moving on from Justin Fields this offseason. One team that has been rumored to be interested in trading for Fields is the Las Vegas Raiders. When the Raiders recently hired Luke Getsy to be their offensive coordinator, the smoke got even hotter. However, any Bears fan will tell you that Getsy going to Las Vegas actually means that the Raiders are much less likely to trade for Justin Fields. 

Las Vegas Raiders are unlikely to trade for Justin Fields

Anyone who has followed the Bears knows that the Getsy offense and the Justin Fields offense blend like oil and water. They do not mix. Getsy wants his quarterback to get the ball out quickly; he wants the quarterback to complete the easy pass, check down, and make the smart read. Justin Fields likes to extend the play, hold on for the biggest possible gain, and possibly take a loss. 

Look at the backup quarterbacks the Bears had with Fields at quarterback. Trevor Siemian, Nathan Peterman, and Tyson Bagent. None of them play to the same style as Fields, but all of them are fits for the Getsy offense. 

When Getsy was hired, he did not draft Justin Fields. For the first seven weeks of their relationship together, the offense was a mess. Fields lost all confidence from his rookie season as they asked him to do things he was not comfortable with. Halfway through the season, Getsy completely changed his offense. 

Then, in the next season, Getsy still tried to get Fields to adjust to his offense rather than building off of what he had done the year prior. Once again, the Bears had to change their offense on the fly because Getsy is not comfortable with a quarterback like Justin Fields. 

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So, it is easy to say that the Bears OC will want the Bears quarterback, but a little research says that both parties are moving on because they simply could not work together. If the Las Vegas Raiders traded for Justin Fields, it would be a hilarious disaster.