Where Chicago Bears OC Luke Getsy can get more out of D.J. Moore

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Whether you think D.J. Moore is an elite wide receiver or not, they are going to treat him like their wide receiver one. He is the most versatile and dynamic of the bunch, and they have said they value him at a first round pick.

The fit with Justin Fields makes a lot of sense when you consider his skill set, but beyond that you could argue that D.J. Moore has a lot of his game that has yet to be unlocked.

Chicago Bears can get more out of D.J. Moore

For instance, D.J. Moore was a high-end yards-after-catch receiver during his first few years, but as he started to shift to a deep ball threat, that changed. He obviously will be a deep ball threat for Justin Fields, but the old question of why not both has to come.

The Chicago Bears can make him a threat in all areas of the field, and that includes the backfield. As a rookie D.J. Moore had 13 rushes for 172 yards. He was a lateral threat. Since that season he has just 27 carries for 163 yards. Obviously, he is not as efficient, but the only other time he carried the football 10 times in a season was last year. He had 10 carries for 53 yards.

After being so dynamic as a rookie you would think they would go right back to that, but they did not. Changes in coach and coordinator can play a role in that.

One thing you can bet on, Moore will get 10 carries in 2023 for the third time in his NFL career. Luke Getsy has loved adding receivers who can work with the ball in their hands. Jet sweeps, end arounds, you name it, and he designed plays for his receivers to get carries.

Between his wide receivers last season they had 20 total carries for 199 yards. That does not even count the quick forward tosses that are considered passes.

Moore had 7.9 yards after the catch rate as a rookie and never hit that rate again. He was at three last season and was between 4.5 and 5.9 in the other seasons.

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The goal for Getsy is to continue to use him down the field, but not pigeon hole him into one role. One staff used him as a yards after the catch. One staff used him deep down the field. He proved he can do both. Now, the Chicago Bears have to let that happen.