Chicago Bears make their stance known regarding Hard Knocks possibility

The Bears refusal to appear on Hard Knocks makes no sense.

Chicago Bears Introduce Kevin Warren as Team President and CEO
Chicago Bears Introduce Kevin Warren as Team President and CEO / Quinn Harris/GettyImages

Of all the seasons for the Chicago Bears to be featured on HBO's Hard Knocks, this summer would have seemingly been a perfect opportunity for the team.

Momentum is building toward the Bears being one of the most popular teams in the NFL during the 2024 season. Between having a quarterback in Caleb Williams who is already a superstar due to his college career at USC; being announced for the NFL's Hall of Fame game; and being on the verge of a new stadium plan, there is plenty of free publicity that could be had by the team appearing on the flagship program of the Pre-season.

While the Bears are one of three teams that could have been forced to participate in this year's season of Hard Knocks, George McCaskey all but shut that idea down when speaking with reporters at the NFL Annual meetings this week in Orlando. McCaskey revealed that other teams have expressed their interest in participating in Hard Knocks this season and the Bears aren't opposing.

The Chicago Bears have an outdated view on Hard Knocks

Like most of the McCaskey Family's view on things related to football in the year 2024, they have an outdated view of Hard Knocks' format. The version of Hard Knocks now is one that has become watered down and serves as a puff piece for a team heading into the regular season. Look no further than last season when despite his off-the-field controversial comments, many came away liking the portrayal of New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

If Rodgers can gain popularity from the series, then the Bears should have nothing to fear. The issue is that The McCaskey Family's perception is not reality and Kevin Warren is too busy granting puff pieces on the team's official website.

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