This Chicago Bears offensive coordinator interview feels directly tied to Justin Fields

Scott Taetsch/GettyImages

The Chicago Bears have not decided on a quarterback for their next season as they get ready to interview offensive coordinator candidates. Ryan Poles noted that it is an advantage to hear so many perspectives and hear what each coordinator thinks about each coordinator. While they surely will hire the best coordinator, if they did want to retain Justin Fields, one name that would fit best is Greg Roman. So, it may not be a huge shock that the Bears called him for an interview. 

Chicago Bears interviewed Greg Roman for the offensive coordinator job

Roman has a history with the mobile quarterbacks in the mold of Justin Fields. He has been able to get more out of the rushing quarterbacks than most. His big break came with the San Francisco 49ers. He developed an offense that took Colin Kaepernick to the Super Bowl.

Roman rebounded with the Buffalo Bills after Jim Harbaugh left. He got to coach Tyrod Taylor and once again took advantage, giving Taylor one of the best years of his career. That did not last, but he found his feet again on the Baltimore Ravens. They had a quarterback named Lamar Jackson, and when Roman was coordinating his offense, Jackson won the MVP.

None of these quarterbacks are prolific passers, and if we are serious, Justin Fields will never be that either. He can be a successful NFL quarterback, though, and the offenses that Roman ran with Buffalo, San Francisco, and Baltimore have proven that this can happen. 

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 Justin Fields would be the next project for Roman, a successful coordinator in these circumstances. If the team hired him, it is hard to make the case for them to draft a quarterback, because none of the young quarterbacks would be best for this offense like Fields, maybe Jayden Daniels, but still not to the degree of Fields. 

Most interviews are for all of the quarterback options, this one should be focused on Justin Fields.