3 reasons Chicago Bears hiring Deion Sanders would change everything

The Chicago Bears would look drastically different next year if they pulled off a Deion Sanders hiring

Chicago Bears, Deon Sanders
Chicago Bears, Deon Sanders / Tom Hauck/GettyImages
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At 0-3, the Chicago Bears look no better than they were a year ago. After finishing last season as the league's worst team, record-wise, the Bears are once again looking that end result dead in the eye.

Head coach Matt Eberflus is a likable person. He has some great traits and is a stand-up man of character. But, what if he's simply not getting it done? Are the Bears ready to part ways after just two seasons?

Maybe it's time for a big change. Maybe, just maybe, the Bears go out and do whatever it takes to hire Deion Sanders next offseason. If they did so, it would change everything for this team.

1. Hiring Deion Sanders would break the mold the Bears have held for a century

For as long as the Bears have been around, the organization has continued to hire what we will call "yes men" as their head coaches. We will get to that a little later on, too, but as head coach of the Bears, you don't get too much power.

The Bears have never had a head coach who truly understands today's players; how they think, act, play, etc. Sanders is in deep with his guys. He is in deep with today's game, how the young men think and where this game is headed.

Sanders would be the complete opposite of the way this organization thinks, and you know what? That might just be exactly what the Bears need. This organization needs a shake-up, and they need it desperately.