4 players gaining bigger roles for the Chicago Bears

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The Chicago Bears are sitting at 1-4, so while the first win of the season is nice, it will take a big streak to turn things around for this team. Still, there are chances for the team to grow and improve over the next few weeks, especially when you see their schedule. Who are some players that may take on bigger roles that will lead to success?

4. The Chicago Bears are getting Gervon Dexter on the field more

Gervon Dexter played the most snaps of his career and the highest rate of snaps on Thursday against the Washington Commanders. Dexter played 33 snaps and in those snaps, he created six pressures, an obvious career high.

After he played just 36 snaps in the past two games, it was good to see Dexter get out there. Some of it is because of the game flow. He is the better pass rusher than Andrew Billings, but Billings is better against the run. So, when the Chicago Bears finally had a lead, it was time to play Dexter.

Still, some of this has to do with the progression of the player. He is better as a pass rusher but has not been an issue in run defense. The Bears' smartest move would be to start having Dexter eat into the snaps that Justin Jones is playing more than Billings. Jones played 52 snaps on Thursday.

He has not been as good as Dexter or Billings, and he is a free agent after this season, where Dexter has a chance to be in the future plans. The Bears have time to think about this, and next week we should see more Gervon Dexter.