3 positives Chicago Bears fans must take from this disastrous start

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The start of the Chicago Bears season has been an epic disaster. It somehow has consistently gotten worse as the weeks have gone by. Sitting at 0-3, the Bears are underdogs at home against another 0-3 team. That is as bad as it gets.

However, there are some positives to be taken away from the Bears' awful start. What can the fans look to as their saving grace?

3. The Chicago Bears know that they have in Justin Fields

The whole point of this season was for the Chicago Bears to learn what they had in Justin Fields. The thought was that while the team was so bad in 2022, he showed enough glimpses that he deserved a second chance. To be fair to Fields, the supporting cast around him has not turned out to be as advertised.

However, it is still a step up from last year when he started the season, and we are still seeing nothing close to progression from Fields. There is time, and there are things that Fields could do to win back over the coaching staff. However, at the rate he is playing, those feats seem hard to accomplish.

So, this is going to be it. The Chicago Bears will play out the string with Fields, mainly because Nathan Peterman is the backup, and they do not feel that Tyson Bagent is more than a project at this point. However, after the season, the team will look in a different direction, probably through the draft. They will try to trade Justin Fields and Fields may become a backup.

Fans wanted clarity by the end of the season. Being wishy-washy in the middle was not an option. So, they are getting that, whether it is the result they wanted or not.