Why should Chicago Bears trust Matt Eberflus with offensive coordinator hire?

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The Chicago Bears deciding to fire Luke Getsy but keeping Matt Eberflus means that Eberlus will have a decent amount of say in who will be the next offensive coordinator. Considering the Bears have a tremendously complex decision at quarterback in the next couple of months, this decision could impact the team for the next five to ten years. 

Should Matt Eberflus take more responsibility for Chicago Bears coaching staff?

Do Chicago Bears trust Matt Eberflus to make the right call? History says no

Yes, Ryan Poles obviously had his fair share of influence on who would fill the coaching staff, but so did Eberflus. Right now, the staff looks like a mess. 

The Bears currently do not have a defensive coordinator. That is because Alan Williams had personal issues to take care of, but he still came onto the team with Eberflus, and the two had a long-standing relationship. The same thing happened with running backs coach David Walker. Tyke Tolbert, Timm Zetts, Omar Young, and Andrew Janocko all joined them. You can argue a lot of them were tied to Luke Getsy. 

You can argue a lot of things and make a lot of excuses, but the first coaching staff that Matt Eberflus put together was pretty bad. Everyone makes mistakes, and he will get his chance to make them up. However, he is keeping some pieces on the staff on offense, and the fit will have to be tight. 

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On defense, he has to find a coordinator who would be fine with making no changes to the staff and taking on no play-calling responsibility. Perhaps he can find that, and perhaps he can show he is better at the hiring process now. Right now, the odds are looking like he may struggle to fill this important role.