The latest Caleb Williams take will insult Chicago Bears fans intelligence

Another day, another horrible take.

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Caleb Williams is going to be the next starting quarterback of the Chicago Bears.

Ever since the day that the Bears traded Justin Fields to the Pittsburgh Steelers last month, it's been clear that the team was going in the direction of having Williams serve as the next face of the franchise at the quarterback position.

Every time that the Bears have talked about the direction they are headed in at the quarterback position, it's been a clear sign that the team is in love with Williams.

The worst-kept secret in the NFL is that the Bears are going to select Williams with the first overall selection in the 2024 NFL Draft.

Despite this fact, and, yes, it's a fact, national pundits are so desperate for attention that they are creating nonsense ideas for why Williams will not be the next quarterback of the Bears. The latest "expert" guilty of this is Cynthia Frelund of NFL Network.

The latest Caleb Williams take is so bad that it should have never been aired.

If you're unfamiliar with Cynthia's work, she uses analytics and computer calculations to come up with different NFL Draft scenarios. With her take on NFL Total Access, it's confirmation that she should stick to the computer models determining her analysis.

The reason why the Bears are going to take Jayden Daniels with the first overall pick, according to Frelund, is because Williams needs to be paired with Washington Commanders' offensive coordinator Kliff Kingsbury because of the greatness that the two had together at USC.

This is an awful take and quite frankly, is one of the laziest pieces of analysis that Bears fans will see in the day leading up to the NFL Draft. Outside of an already established relationship with Kingsbury and Williams being from the DC area, there is no football-related reason why the Commanders are the better option than the Bears.

And, the simplest reason why Frelund's take is obnoxious is that there will never be an instance where any NFL team passes on the better quarterback prospect for the sake of having the quarterback play for his hometown team.

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