This Caleb Williams reminder needs to be shared during Chicago Bears OTAs

Chicago Bears Rookie Minicamp
Chicago Bears Rookie Minicamp / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

First and foremost, Caleb Williams is entering his first season in the NFL as a rookie starting quarterback for the Chicago Bears. Secondly, the Bears are installing a new offense under recently hired offensive coordinator Shane Waldron. Lastly, the Bears have three new starters at the skill positions on offense in addition to a new starting center.

This is not meant to be as a pre-conditioned excuse for when the Bears' offense inevitably goes through a struggle or two during Training Camp and, likely, into the regular season but it is meant to serve as a reminder.

Reports from the Bears' practice on Thursday is that Williams struggled along with the rest of the team's offense.

With every tweet shared about Williams failing to complete a pass or throwing a ball that would have been intercepted if it were game. some fans were quick to point out "this sounds awfully familiar". Essentially, it's a snobbish comment made by fans who still think the Bears made a mistake in trading Justin Fields in favor of Williams.

Caleb Williams is going to go through learning curves during his rookie season.

Yes, there were days over the past three seasons when the Bears' defense got the better of Fields in OTAs and training camp. Having said that, there is no correlation to what Williams will experience during his first season with the Bears.

Every incompletion or interception thrown by Williams this season does not need to be viewed in the same lens as where Fields was during his time as the Bears' starting quarterback.

Instead, talking to the Fields' truthers that remain out there, watch the Pittsburgh Steelers. The fascination with Fields needs to stop for Bears as the team has moved on and living in the past is the exact concept that Ryan Poles' is distancing the organization from.