3 Reasons the Chicago Bears need to trade for Carson Wentz

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We truly get to see what we have in Matt Nagy as the Chicago Bears head coach

This is Matt Nagy’s last chance. He has utilized too many players and coaches as his scapegoats since he came to Chicago. His constant excuse though was the quarterback and him not changing the offense to his quarterback. If Wentz comes, Nagy has no more excuses.

His offense will be essentially complete if he gets Wentz. If the offense isn’t above average under Wentz with the weapons Nagy has essentially picked himself, he is clearly the issue. This makes it easy for the Bears to finally see what I see and that’s Nagy needs to clean out his office.

Each year Nagy has had an excuse as to why the offense wasn’t as good as it could be and he scapegoated players and coaches. He now has a great staff in place and his players he has picked since 2017. If they fail, no big deal as the Bears can still build around Wentz and get a coach that actually knows how to run an offense. If they do well, then great the Bears have a good, young head coach with a franchise quarterback. They can’t lose, right?

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They could be stuck in mediocrity though, which I hope is good enough to get Nagy out of town. It wasn’t enough this season, but it could be next season.

But what’s Wentz’s trade value?

If I’m the Bears, I’m giving up the 20th overall pick this season and Nick Foles for Wentz. This allows the Bears to keep their 2022 first-round pick in case they have a horrible season and have a top pick. I’d also be okay with a 2021 second-round pick and a 2022 second-round pick as well.

The seasons on the line for Nagy. He needs to get Wentz if he wants a winning season and a chance to save his job. Go get him.