2021 Chicago Bears roster rank: 70-66

Chicago Bears - Credit: Mike Dinovo-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: Mike Dinovo-USA TODAY Sports /

The Chicago Bears are counting down the days until training camp and we are counting down the most valuable players on their roster. This will rank the Bears from 90-1 looking at their value and what they bring to the team. This will look solely at their 2021 value and how their best-case outcome could impact the team along with what a poor season would do to the team in 2021.

We have ranked 90-71 already and are now in the top 70. Check out the first 20 players.

90. Brian Johnson

89. Rojesterman Farris

88. Khalil McClain

87. Caleb Johnson

86. Sam Kamara

85. Daniel Arcibong

84. Scooter Harrington

83. Chris Lacy

82. Dionte Ruffin

81. Rodney Adams

80. Tyrone Wheatley

79. Thomas Ives

78. CJ Marable

77. Jester Weah

76. Jake Butt

75. Teez Tabor

74. LeCale London

73. Daureuan Parker

72. Michael Joseph

71. LeDarius Mack

70. Adam Redmond, C

Adam Redmond did not sign until after OTAs just a few weeks ago. However, he sneaks into number 70 because he has NFL experience and has made rosters the past 3 years. While he has typically been a guard it is worth noting the NFL is calling him a center this season. For the depth at center, he could be in the competition.

69. Tre Roberson, CB

Last Season: 67

Tre Roberson was hyped up last season coming from the CFL. The Chicago Bears cornerback room is just as influx as it was last season, but Roberson failed to show any reason why he would be an answer at that spot in 2021. He is about in the same spot that he was which is looking for a practice squad spot.

68. Xavier Crawford, CB

Last Season: 70

Xavier Crawford was right in the mix with Roberson as a fringe roster player. Both are back for another year which is a good sign. Roberson may be more known, but Crawford is the slot corner, while Roberson is playing outside. They have a bit more of a need in the slot which gives Crawford the nod.

67. Badara Traore, OT

Last Season: 86

It was easy to be low on Traore because he was a backup at LSU during his final college season. Of course, LSU did win a national championship and Traore did stick around, albeit with extra practice squad spots this year.

Still, the Bears tackle depth chart opened up a bit, and considering they invested a good portion of time in him, he shoots up our ranks with hopes that a good camp can put him on the roster fringe.

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66. Artavis Pierce, RB

Last Season: 73 

Last season the Chicago Bears went to the UDFA from Oregon State when they were desperate at running back. Pierce failing to separate from Ryan Nall and Cordarelle Patterson last season may show the upside of what you are getting with him. The Bears added enough backs that he is a long shot to make the roster, but Pierce is now on year two with his new team, so he moves up after getting NFL touches last year.