2021 Chicago Bears roster rank: No. 65-61

Chicago Bears (Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images) /

We are getting closer to training camp as we keep counting down the top 90 players on the Chicago Bears roster. This list is ranking each player based on their value to the 2021 roster, and what type of impact they could make on the teams success.

We have ripped through numbers 90-66 and now are getting towards players with legitimate chances to make the 53-man roster. Check out the players we have covered already.

90. Brian Johnson

89. Rojesterman Farris

88. Khalil McClain

87. Caleb Johnson

86. Sam Kamara

85. Daniel Arcibong

84. Scooter Harrington

83. Chris Lacy

82. Dionte Ruffin

81. Rodney Adams

80. Tyrone Wheatley

79. Thomas Ives

78. CJ Marable

77. Jester Weah

76. Jake Butt

75. Teez Tabor

74. LeCale London

73. Daureuan Parker

72. Michael Joseph

71. LeDarius Mack

70. Adam Redmond

69. Tre Roberson

68. Xavier Crawford

67. Badara Traore

66. Artavis Pierce

65. Ryan Nall, RB

Last Season: 45 

57, 55, 45, 65

Ryan Nall has been with the Chicago Bears for four seasons now. He checked in at number 57 as a rookie, moved up to 55 then was 45 last season with such a thin running back depth chart. The thin depth chart exposed Nall, though and the Bears have added enough backs that the only way Nall makes the roster is through special teams. He was a fun experiment, but this is almost the end of his time in Chicago.

64. Riley Ridley, WR

Last Season: 38 

Riley Ridley is another player who joins Nall on this list of fallers. Ridley checked in at 35 as a rookie when the hype was high. After nothing in his rookie season, he dropped to 38 because there were open chances for him to get on the field. Ridley had limited chances and did not excel, and failed to get over Javon Wims or Anthony Miller. With added names to the mix, he is now further down the depth chart than ever before.

63. Patrick Scales, LS

Last Season: 71 

The long snapper is always hard to say because while he could be replaced, it is nice to know that Scales has been here for years and is reliable. Considering Nall and Ridley have been all but pushed out, Scales should have more value than both.

62. Joel Iyiegbuniwe, LB

Last Season: 36

36, 37, 31

Joel Iyiegbuniwe is not quite in the Riley Ridley spot, because the linebacker depth chart is a bit thinner. He could squeeze onto the roster, but even a signing such as Austin Calitro should alert Iggy that his time is almost up. He broke onto the list at number 31 before falling to 36 and 37 the past two seasons. 62 is now his low point, and we probably won’t be ranking him next year.

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61. Charles Snowden, EDGE

Charles Snowden is our highest-rated UDFA. He comes from Virginia, he fills a role that is wanted in the Sean Desai defense, and many thought he would get drafted. Snowden is a pass rusher, but is tall and lanky and can run around in space. He could be looked at as a much rawer, and just as a toolsy version of Leonard Floyd.