5 signs that Chicago Bears rookie Justin Fields has star potential

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
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2. Rolling to his left.

It is one thing to see the stats, but the passes he makes are big time. Justin Fields seems to already have signature style of play as well. One of his best attributes is what happens when he rolls to his left.

Oftentimes defenses are encouraged to force a quarterback to his left, because running that way he limits the field, and as a right-handed thrower he has to turn his entire body to get a pass off.

However, with Justin Fileds, you cannot let him roll left because he will hurt you. The two plays below show exactly how tough it is, and what type of big passes he is making. The play below is a rollout. Again, watch how quickly he has to turn his entire body. Then, he sets his feet for a split second to get the pass off.

He completed the ball with great accuracy. Then, the play below put his team ahead with under a minute to go. You can see from the All-22 that Fields even throws open his man, by putting the ball on his back shoulder where only he can get it.

This is great anticipation and awareness when rolling to his left, especially when adding in the situation shows that this is just the start of big fourth-quarter plays.