8 Bold predictions for the rest of the Chicago Bears 2022 season

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Chase Claypool will lead the Chicago Bears in receiving

Let’s look at this one a little differently. If we look at season totals, I think Chase Claypool will finish with the most yards on the Bears. Justin Fields will love throwing deep to a guy who can actually make catches. Darnell Mooney is the only guy who has proven to be able to do this at times, but Claypool should not have the type of drops we have seen from other receivers on this team.

Darnell Mooney leads the team with 364 yards receiving. Chase Claypool comes in with 311 yards receiving. This doesn’t seem like a bold prediction until we get into the depth of what I am proposing here. Not only will Chase Claypool finish the season with more yards than Mooney — meaning the inclusion of his 311 receiving yards from Pittsburgh. No, that would be way too easy.

Instead, I am proposing that Claypool finish with more receiving yards in a Chicago Bears uniform than Darnell Mooney will have all season. That’s a bold prediction. It means that Claypool will essentially need to outproduce Mooney 3-to-1 to finish out the year to overcome the 364 yards that Mooney has already accumulated. This will be tough as I just said I think Mooney’s game will open up more with Claypool here.