10 major questions emerging from the Chicago Bears loss to the Minnesota Vikings

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Chicago Bears v Kansas City Chiefs, Jaylon Johnson
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9. How did the Chicago Bears cornerbacks look at their healthier state?

The Chicago Bears played their best defensive performance of the season. Some of that had to do with the Vikings missing out on Justin Jefferson. A good portion of that has to do with the Bears getting their cornerbacks healthy.

This is the first time since week one that the Chicago Bears have had Jaylon Johnson, Tyrique Stevenson, and Kyler Gordon all on the field together. It may be that, in combination with the loss of Jefferson, that led to such a solid performance. Johnson was strong other than a slant from K.J. Osborn.

Stevenson allowed a touchdown to Jordan Addison but also held him in check. Lastly, the Bears got Kyler Gordon back, who played well. He gave up a few catches to T.J. Hockenson when he was giving up size. However, he looks better and more confident in the two games we saw him in the slot this year than in any game last season.

There are still a lot of questions with this secondary, and Davante Adams may bring trouble. Still, things are trending up in this area.